“In its third edition, Montreal Digital Spring will be offering more than 150 activities, thanks to the participation of over 210 partners. The vitality of our metropolis is really incredible. It’s a great privilege to be able to benefit from a digital ecosystem that spreads out over so many sectors with such force,” stated Suzanne Gouin, chair of Montreal Digital Spring’s Board of Directors, during a press conference held at the Phi Centre’s Virtual Reality Garden.

Digital arts capital, 3rd in the gaming world, 4th global hub in the visual effects industry and a new vector in virtual reality — Montreal is establishing itself worldwide as a digital hub.

“This model developed by Montreal Digital Spring, which invites us each year to a series of the most interesting and innovative events, is very compelling for the positioning of our cultural metropolis at the turn of a global digital explosion. That is why the City of Montreal is very proud to closely associate itself with Montreal Digital Spring,” stated Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre.

“The potential for growth of the digital sector is promising. In this regard, our metropolis can count on strong participation that will lead to a favourable position on the international chessboard. Our government is happy to support the Montreal Digital Spring who, in addition to embodying this mobilisation, highlights the creativity and talent of the metropolitan players in this economically beneficial field,” indicated Martin Coiteux, Minister of Public Security and Minister responsible for the Montreal region.

“Montreal is brimming with creative intelligence. The richness and diversity of its cultural offering contribute to the economic strength of Montreal tourism. Tourisme Montreal, early partner of Montreal Digital Spring, is very proud to help promote digital artists and to showcase their creativity – which makes our metropolis a creative hub that’s so attractive to tourists,” said Mr. Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montreal.

Vanessa Pilon, Ambassador for Printemps numérique – Montreal Digital Spring

Vanessa Pilon, ambassadrice du Printemps numérique

Vanessa Pilon

Vanessa Pilon was a tech and social media columnist on Salut, Bonjour! for 3 years. Today, she is a headliner on youth-oriented channel Vrak TV. She has also become the ambassador for art centre Arsenal Montreal, not to mention her involvement in the project called Y2O.

“Montreal talent is making its mark on the world stage, so it’s imperative that we celebrate that here by discovering its creations. For many, digital creations still seem very niche, but on the contrary they’re more accessible now than ever. Throughout the season, I want to contribute to the democratization of digital art by sharing my discoveries with the general public,” explains Vanessa Pilon.

Digital Activities for the General Public

The program will include: screenings and public installations, interactive spaces, visual performances, the latest in electronic music, immersion activities, 3D productions, explorations into the world of visual effects, gaming and virtual reality, studio tours, and more.

Digital creations are definitely gaining popularity. Last year, 280,000 people were hit with digital fever.

Complete details can be found at www.printempsnumerique.info. A cocktail will be held for the launch on March 24, between 5 pm and 9 pm at the McCord Museum, where a digital experience will be presented.

Interlinking of Arts, Industries and Teaching Areas

In addition to its mission to promote digital creativity, Montreal Digital Spring fosters a synergy between a number of different players. The interlinking of the creators, industries, and educational institutions contributes to the energy and development of the field. For instance, this year Montreal Digital Spring will be launching:

  • DigiLabs: 6 corporate residencies for digital artists, in order to fill gaps in the innovation department.
  • DigiCamp: An interuniversity student competition to solve social innovation challenges using digital creativity in different companies.
  • Digital Fridays: A series of thematic meetings about digital creativity issues that will touch upon gaming, biodiversity, visualization of data, and global outreach.
  • Game Jam will be back to pair newcomers in the gaming industry with established professionals, and give them 48 hours to create a new video game prototype.

A Board of Directors that Represents the Digital Field

Ms. Gouin also took the opportunity to introduce the members of Montreal Digital Spring’s new Board of Directors. She pointed out that together, they cover all major sectors of the digital art world while bringing complementary areas of expertise to the benefit of the organisation. They are: Myriam Achard of the Phi Centre; Guillaume Aniorté of Frima Studio; Julie-Anne Archambault, lawyer, specializing in art, multimedia and technology; Anne-Marie Desloges, CPA, CA; Robin Dupuis of PERTE DE SIGNAL; Sébastien Ebacher of Ubisoft; Catherine Émond of Alliance numérique; Étienne Grenier, digital artist; Marine Lelièvre of Effects MTL; and Alain Mongeau of MUTEK.

Montreal Digital Spring’s Big Partners

Montreal Digital Spring is produced in association with Journal Métro and the support of Concertation Montréal, Tourisme Montréal and La Vitrine. The government of Québec has also granted a non-recurrent sum of $250,000 in support of the project, under the Entente Montréal 2025 agreement administered by the Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine.

About Montreal Digital Spring

Montreal Digital Spring introduces large numbers of people to the works of digital creators and attracts an international clientele thanks to the breadth and diversity of its programming. This important initiative strengthens Montreal’s position as a capital of creativity, promotes fresh and emerging practices, and encourages collaboration by connecting the fields that give it life, such as creation, production, broadcasting, research, industry, tourism, and institutions like museums and universities.