Espace Ludique : A gaming geek heaven

I believe I’m the only person left on this side of the planet who has never played Angry Birds or Candy Crush, two of the most successful video games ever made. This is not a badge of honor when you’re talking to the founders of what I suspect will become the heart of video […]

What does digital art mean to you?

Did you know that the Digital Spring was such a success last year that the number of events has doubled to 150 this year ? Even Tourism Montreal has made it their campaign theme for 2015, so if you want to sound even remotely in the know at your next dinner party, read on.

What does […]

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    The Pixelated Revolution : Rabih Mroué on the Syrian Revolution

The Pixelated Revolution : Rabih Mroué on the Syrian Revolution

Rabih Mroué’s The Pixelated Revolution is digital art of another kind. Presented as a “non-academic lecture”, this is not about enchanting or immersing the viewer, it’s about questioning the way we use digital tools to document and possess events – in this case, the beginning of the Syrian revolution. When the revolution began in Syria, […]

When technology is your pigment: Landcuts

I recently met a digital artist named Paul-Emile Rioux, who has been working on a series called Landcuts since 2009.

His work looks like a cross between the film sets of World War Z, museum images of ancient Rome, the dark landscapes of online gaming, and sometimes…nature. He “grows” his images without knowing how they will […]