It’s time to register !

All organizations proposing activities related to digital creativity between March 21 and June 21, 2017, are inviting to register for the fourth edition of the Montreal Digital Spring by following this link :

The last edition was a resounding success with 514 592 people taking part in 282 digital activities, proposed thanks to the […]


Swarm. Minotaur. Multiverse.  Dark Matter. Chronophage. No, these are not the latest Axe body scents for men, they’re the titles to the recently ended lineup of SATfest, a series of short films presented every spring at the SAT’s (Société des Arts Technologiques). It all happens at the Satosphere, a huge dome that forms a […]

Rouge Mekong

Every projection I have seen on the 360-dome at la Société des arts Technologiques, has been technically impressive, but I’ve always felt that the art is trying to catch up to the tool it’s displayed on, as though the technology of the dome is almost too much for the artists who use it.

Rouge Mekong […]

Remembering our digital leftovers: on Media and Machines


Last Thursday was the vernissage for the Media and Machines show at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA). The subtitle of the exhibit says it all: it’s the Archaeology of the digital. Curator Greg Lynn gathered together a disparate collection of old technologies that seemed so advanced when they first appeared, but all have one […]

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    Astrovandalistas : La Sonora Telemática and Mapping the Data Body

Astrovandalistas : La Sonora Telemática and Mapping the Data Body

The installations of Mexico City-based art collective Astrovandalistas are founded in an interest in the free and open software movements and the desire to rethink the formation of public spaces through data mining, dataveillance, and counterveillance techniques. La Sonora Telemática is an orchestral installation that focuses on the geopolitics of data collection by generating […]

Data as art: in the dark with RYOJI IKEDA

Art critiques are written for those who already speak art, understand it, are immersed in it. It is rarely written with the beginner in mind, for those of us who are curious but also slightly…clueless. I suspect it sometimes puts people off going to see the art we write about.

Here’s what I read before […]

Inside the artist’s mind: Robyn Moody

If you want to kill 3 birds with one stone, go see Robyn Moody’s installation at the Phi Centre, in Old Montreal. Why? Because it’s a co-production of three excellent organizations who know what they’re doing: the Phi Centre itself, the BIAN, and DHC/ART.

Power 2: Heart Lake as seen through the eyes of Manley […]

My trip into space: Continuum

I’m always discovering my city. Sometimes this is my way of admitting that I still get lost in Montreal on a regular basis (and I did again this time).  But today it’s also my way of saying that I can’t believe it took me so long to go to the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium at Espace pour […]

Seeing the big picture

This Saturday, I dragged my 10-year old to an exhibition at the Belgo building. For those of you who don’t know it, the Belgo building contains floor after floor of the blood, sweat and inspiration of various artists. Art galleries galore, and you can wander in and out to your heart’s content. Take your […]